Date: March 7th 2012

Hello everyone,

Here is another opportunity to help out that doesn’t require heading out on trail to do the “heavy lifting” as they say. This is a PCTA-sponsored saw certification class that is taking place in the Clackamas River Ranger District on Saturday and Sunday, March 24-25. We are in need of two volunteers for this event.

Campground host

Some of the instructors and students will be staying overnight at Indian Henry Campground. We need a host to check people in and out, maintain radio contact with Estacada, keep a campfire going and keep the coffee warm. They need to be there Saturday, Saturday night and Sunday morning. If they prefer, they can arrive early, on Friday afternoon. Gorgeous old growth location on the Clackamas River Trail.

Radio dispatcher

We need one person in Estacada to assist students with enrollment, and remain on Saturday afternoon and Sunday to act as radio dispatcher in Estacada. Columbia Dispatch is not operating on weekends yet, so we need our own dispatcher in Estacada to relay emergency radio messages to first responders. This volunteer will need to start at 7:30 AM Saturday and will done about 2:00 PM Sunday. They can camp out at Indian Henry or Clear Creek Saturday night if they wish.


So if you are interested in helping out with this project, please let me know by hitting the reply button or sending me an e-mail at


Thank you so much for your continued support through volunteering out there!!

Tammy Turner


Volunteer Coordinator

Mt. Hood Chapter, PCTA


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