Date: March 7th 2012

Hello everyone,

This might interest a few of you. There are other opportunities to get certified in the area, so If this doesn’t work out for you, just stay tuned.

Tammy Turner

Volunteer Coordinator

PCTA, Mt. Hood Chapter

Online applications are now being accepted for the PCTA-sponsored saw certification class
es scheduled for Saturday and Sunday, March 24-25, in Estacada.

The following classes are available:

  • Chain saw recertification (one day course)
  • Crosscut saw recertification (one day course)
  • Chain saw initial certification (two day course - limited to four students)
  • Crosscut saw initial certification (two day course - limited to four students)

To apply go to:

PCTA Saw Training and Certification courses

All students must have current First Aid and CPR cards.

Recertification students must have a current Saw Operator card.

If you have questions, see:

FAQ - Saw Training and Certification courses

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