Date: February 25th 2012

Dear Trail Enthusiast,

On February 29th registration for the 4th Annual Columbia Cascades Trail Skills College (TSC) will be open to the public. The event will be held on April 20-22 at Cascade Locks, OR. Each year we plan to offer a selection of classes ranging from basic introduction to trail maintenance to more advanced classes like trail design and rock wall construction. We will also be offering classes on leadership, plus first aid and CPR. Event information is available at the web address below. Registration will open on the 29th.

For volunteers interested in chainsaw and cross-cut certification, a second event planned for the weekend of May 4-6th will provide opportunities for volunteers to earn their certification. While this year’s main TSC weekend will not offer certification classes, we will offer pre-requisite classes such as Intro to Log Out, Intro to Chainsaw and Chainsaw Practicum for students to hone their fundamentals prior to attending a saw certification class. Additional information about the “Saw Weekend” is will be posted on the TSC webpage.

These classes are made available free thanks to the generous support from the Pacific Crest Trail Association, US Forest Service, the Washington Trails Association and REI. Some of you have enough experience to help out as volunteer instructors. Event volunteers and volunteer instructors also play an essential role. If you would like to find out more about volunteering at the event contact Ryan Ojerio at:

We hope to see you there,

Tammy Turner


Volunteer Coordinator

Mt. Hood Chapter, PCTA


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