Date: February 22nd 2012

Here’s an opportunity to volunteer just not so close to home! Anyone that attended last year’s Trail Skills College will remember seeing some great pictures of this trail and some very funny stories about it from Bob Birkby.  It was amazing stuff and now you have a chance to go out and do some work on this great trail.


Hope someone gets to go!!

Tammy Turner

Volunteer Coordinator

PCTA, Mt. Hood Chapter


From: Jennifer Tripp []
Sent: Monday, February 13, 2012 9:41 AM
Subject: FW: The Great Baikal Trail needs volunteers!


Please share and distribute the following announcement for volunteering on Russia’s Great Baikal Trail.


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The mission of the Pacific Crest Trail Association is to protect, preserve and promote the Pacific Crest National Scenic Trail as an internationally significant resource for the enjoyment of hikers and equestrians, and for the value that wild and scenic lands provide to all people.


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Sent: Sunday, February 12, 2012 6:43 PM
To: Anya Belova
Subject: Fwd: The Great Baikal Trail needs volunteers!


Do you know young adults looking for FAR AWAY adventure?   Do you know a college environmental studies, outdoor recreation, or Russian language program that might have such students?  If so, please forward the message below & / or print and post the flyer.   I have been fortunate to work with the Great Baikal Trail and found it an extraordinary place and organization.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact  my good friend Anya Belova at


Subject: The Great Baikal Trail needs you!


My dear friend!

Hope you are doing well!

I'd like to ask you to do me a small favor. My organisation - the Great Baikal Trail Association (more info: - is looking for volunteers to participate in our summer trail building projects. We want to get the word out so we have volunteers from all over the world!

In the attached file there is an ad. If you can print it out and post it where other people can see it, we will be really thankful! Or you can post it in the Internet, or send it to someone else who can post it somewhere else! Just spead the word!

Some ideas where you can post it - colleges, libraries, hiking clubs, gyms and so on.

Thanks for your help!

Do you have any questions? I will be glad to answer!

Anya Belova

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